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I want to say one last thing.

 It’s safe to say that this blog is dead. I would like to say one thing before I hang up this blog for good and it’s this: Just because you are tired of this fandom and you’re sick of the things that they do, you are still a brony. In fact, if anyone can change the name of the bronies, it’s you. The bad people are loud, but we, as a collective of good, proud people, can be louder. If you don’t want to be associated with the bronies, that’s fine, but if you still watch, and like the show, you are still a brony. There is nothing else to it. Remember, the bronies may look bad, but we are better than the people who don’t respect others, who flame, who are total dicks. We can change the name, but we can’t do it if we don’t try. And so, to all of my friends, it’s been fun, but I want to do this now, say goodbye before I die for good.

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